Track Your Work

Easily record hours worked, equipment used, tasks performed and more across various projects.

Add Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Snap some photos to show what you are working on.

Instant Summaries

SkillRecord provides several “big picture” summaries of your logged hours. This information can help identify skill gaps for further training. It can also help employers find the most experienced person for a job.


Your logbook is private by default or you can share it with your co-workers. Supervisors can review trainee logbook entries, approve them and provide timely feedback. Apprenticeship connected.

We wanted to modernize our apprenticeship process and empower trainees with the ability to control their own learning process. SkillRecord was the obvious solution.

- Fraser Cocks, BC Association for Crane Safety

Easy to Use

SkillRecord is organized into three main screens:


Logbook entries organized by date.


Logged hours summarized by project, equipment, etc…


Control who has access to your logbook.

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