Getting Started as a
Logbook Reviewer

Get the App

The SkillRecord logbook app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Installation instructions for each platform are listed below.

  1. If you are reading this on an Android device, click here to view the SkillRecord Logbook app in the Google Play app store. Otherwise, open the Google Play app on your Android device and search for “skillrecord”.
  2. Tap the INSTALL button to install it.
  1. If you are reading this on an iPhone, click here go to the SkillRecord app in the App Store. Otherwise, open the App Store app and search for “skillrecord”.
  2. Tap the GET button to install it.

No smartphone? No problem. You can also use SkillRecord using a web browser on your computer (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc…). Just visit and click the Logbook Login button at the top of the page.

Sign in

Launch the app and sign in with your email address and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a logbook?

A logbook records information about work performed by a specific person. Each logbook entry includes information such as the project being worked on, equipment used and the tasks performed. Some entries may be include photos.

What does a logbook reviewer do?

Work experience documented in a logbook can inform decisions around training, certification, hiring, work assignments and many other activities. As such, it is important that the information recorded in a logbook is reasonably accurate.

Reviewers help to ensure logbook accuracy by reviewing entries on a regular basis and endorsing them. Once endorsed, logbook entries can no longer be modified.

How often should I review?

Logbooks can be reviewed daily, weekly, monthly… it’s really up to you and your organization to choose an appropriate review schedule. That being said, frequent reviews are generally easier as memories fade over time. Frequent reviews also encourage users to update logbooks in a timely way.

How long does it take to do a review?

A review can done in as little as a minute or two. If you are not reviewing frequently there will be more entries to consider and it will take longer.

How accurate does a review need to be?

Again, this is really up to you, your organization and how the logbook data is ultimately being used. In many cases, a quick review is fine – as long as nothing is obviously “wrong”, go ahead and endorse. However, if you are reviewing work with inherent safety considerations (e.g. heavy equipment, high voltages, etc…) a more detailed review may be appropriate and necessary.

Selecting a logbook

After you sign in, open the sidebar menu and tap “Connections” to see the logbooks that have been assigned to you. Tap a “Logbook” button to view the corresponding logbook.

Reviewing logbook entries

The app displays one month of logbook entries at a time. Use the arrows beside the date to navigate to different months.

Endorsing logbook entries

Tapping the “Approve” button at the top of a logbook entry to approve it. Endorsed entries appear with a green check mark and can no longer be modified.

You can endorse several entries at once by scrolling to the bottom of the list of entries and tapping the “Approve Entire Month” button.

That’s enough information to get you started. Happy reviewing!